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I have transferred to a new site

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Book reading these past months

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The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time

I just finished “the curious incident of thed dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon just now. Like a minute ago. The laptop is running as I sit in front of it finishing the last pages, so that’s how I did it.

I like the book. It reminded me of Forrest Gump and his worldview.  The book, written in a first person perspective, is heartwarming that gives one a view of looking at things in a positive way, whatever shit is happening on the road to kingdom come.  The autistic person’s life and his struggles and his pains and the people around him with their struggles and pains weaved tightly that they cannot just let go off each and everyone of them. It is like the math done by the fifteen year old autistic character that connects his own world with the outside world through his problem solving and algebraic expressions helping him to achieve calmness and focus in the fucked up situations people around him enter for a fuck.

The death and life of Charlie St. Cloud

Ben Sherwood. Ah. I’ve been meaning to read his “The Man who ate the 747” but got “The death and life of Charlie St. Cloud.” Its a fuckingly great love story it made me pause and wonder how he got that story off. Very creative and really did his research on possible life in the afterlife and even went out of his way to get the feel of being a gravedigger.

Set in a quaint town I forgot (but it is a real town and was pictured as it is), the poignant story revolved around brothers who promised not to leave each other, but shit happens and one died. The other stayed but got the magic power of seeing spirits and playing catch with his dead brother then got involved with a girl caught in between worlds then, it is a poignant story and I recommend it for easy enjoyable read. It tickled by emotions.

Everywhere I go

I got fucking tired reading senseless violence after “Everywhere I go” that neatly discussed the hooliganism prevalent in football crazy Brits and their counterparts in other European countries. Thus the shift to far too different genre.

Fucking off they go after games in the name of their ‘reputation.’ It is a non-fiction book that will bring you to the forefront of these hooligan fights by the different ‘firms’, or football fan groups, trying to put a life into their otherwise freaking boring society. I have this notion that their society is so boring that they resort to such shits.

I even watched a film “Green Street Hooligans” featuring Elijah Woods to check on the scenes and searched the you tube for real life “off.”

It was nasty alright, and Bollocks at the same time.

Anvil’s Early Christmas Book Sale

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Oh eto putang ina sa mga addict sa libro at many more! Takbo na sa Pasig at baka maubusan eh magpakamatay pa bago magpasko!!


wilde quote

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with freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?
– oscar wilde

John Lennon Bio

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Selling books can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

What is it with people declaring that the books I sell are expensive? Does it mean that those who bought from my collections are stupid enough not to know the real price of the books in the dog eat dog monopoly capitalist system in our country’s book world? Sure am sure those who bought from me are good intelligent readers and know what are good priced books.

It is a John Lennon biography book that the dumb buyer termed as expensive at P220. Puta eh si John Lennon yan eh! Buti kung biography ni April Boy Regino yan eh puta isaksak ko pa sa baga niya. But John Lennon? fuck…

There are times when I just do not want to sell certain books to certain people who I think does not deserve it. Call me elitist or downright farthead but so be it. You do not ask for a mark down price for a John Lennon book. Kung mahal man ang presyo, mahal talaga yan kasi mahal si John Lennon. Even that moron who shot him dead professed his deep reverence for the legend.

Where can you buy an Isabel Allende hardbound book for P250 or a Cornelia Funke book for P100? In the Booksale outlets? Of course not. It is fucking definitely cheaper at Booksale but I already bought it. Bwahaha! So bear with my slightly elevated pricing scheme (my small income goes to 1. charity, 2. diapers, 3. beer. Honestly.) or go to Booksale Kota Kinabalu branch. They might have good titles in stock.

Judging a Book By Its Cover

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(after my wordpress widget struggle)

no mind, no wants for widgets

no stress 

no widgets, simple blogface

no stress, but ugly blogface

(now im starting to get pissed again with the thought)


Madamot wordpress

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I am not a computer wizard, i am not. I painstakingly learn, study and try to understand the intricacies surrounding the blogging world and step by step, patiently, I think I am learning. But frustration creeps in when I find the shittiness of wordpress who wont allow almost all the good widgets, gadgets, or whatever fuck they call those things that make one’s blogspot more pleasing to the eye. Shit this wordpress is so madamot. Putang ina, ive discovered the magic of that “you might like these…” picture that you see in those cool blogs under their posts that you can click then be brought to the suggested posts? Well, hell fuck, wordpress wont accept it. Puta talaga!!! AAAAAHhhhhh!!!!! Sakit sa mata!

Looking for Leigh-Cheri

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Nabiktima rin ako ng pagpasok ng tubig sa aking kabahayan pero hindi dahil sa bagyong si Ondoy kundi dahil naiwang nakabukas ang gripo sa taas ng bahay at tumulo ito hanggang paliguan ang buong bahay na naglubog (kanya-kanyang alat lang talaga), nanlunod kay Leigh-Cheri.

stlMay katagalan na ring nakababad sa aklatan ang libro ni Tom Robbins na “Still Life with Woodpecker” at napagtripan ko itong basahin. Sobrang tagal na nga itong nakatengga at halos balutan na ng alikabok katabi ng mga Carlos Castaneda at Ken Wilber na nahihilo akong basahin hindi dahil sa hangover kundi talagang di kaya ng powers ko.

Kaya nung binuklat ko ay agad naman akong naaliw at ginanahan kung magpapaiskor ang bidang babae kay Ralph Nader na nakalaban na yata ng lahat ng naging presidente ng Amerika simula ng pinanganak ako.   

Ang galing ng pagkakalatag ng mga karakter ng istorya, Ang tatay ni Leigh-Cheri na dating hari ng isang bayan na na-exile dahil sa laos na ang pagiging hari o dahil “stand in the corner” siya ng CIA.  Kakatawa tatay niya kasi may pacemaker na kapag na-excite ay pumapalo ng malakas eh poker player pa naman siya.  Ermat naman niyang si Queen Tillie ay isang mahilig sa opera singing that reminded me of Madame Castafiore from the Tintin Comic series.

Pero si Leigh-Cheri ay isang liberal, environmentalist, na cheerleader na  kickout dahil sa pangalawang beses niyang pagpapalaglag ng bata. Interesting character…hhhmmmmm..Kaso nalunod nga kaya naghahahap ako ng magpapahiram sa akin ng kopya. Kahit arkilahin ko, isang Generoso kapalit ng pahiram.

Manila International Book Fair 09′

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Adik ka ba sa libro? Tipong kahit brand new at sobra sobra ang halaga dahil bagong bago ito at parang wala pang nakakahawak kundi makina ay kaya mong bilhin at i-display sa bahay mo o sa opisina mo at tititigtitigan mo ang pabalat at minumuni kung kailangan mo ito babasahin?

Well, mapalad ka kaibigan! Manila International Book Fair 09′ na mula Sept 16-20, 2009 sa SMX, Mall of Asia. Dito malalanghap mo ang mga libro na mas bago pa sa mga libro sa National at Fully Booked! Tipong mainit-init pa!

Ngayon, kung gusto mo magkaroon ng libreng tiket para makapasok, hindutin lang ang link at i-print sa printer, at ilagay sa bulsa o bag, tapos iprisinta sa gate ng SMX sa mga takdang araw at, voila! Libre ka na!

At ang putang inang link eh ayaw mai-link dito sa lecheng wordpress na ito. Kaya puntahan na lang ang para makadugtong sa libreng tiket.