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a book to make it through the day

Posted in booksale, philippines, political economy by Shelf Life on September 25, 2009

When I say make it through the day, I literally mean to “make it through the day” shit where I can get my food and fare money to get to school where I work.

baGood thing an angel teacher I met two days ago liked my book deal and sold her a Margaret Atwood “Blind Assassin” book  for P130.  A good buy I think if I’ll base it on its cover design.  I have no idea though what the book is all about.

My reality that I know at the moment is that the money is all gone, again.  With P130 minus P25 for the trike to LRT, then a four piece siomai snack for P25, then, a P30 trike ride to my place, then a P12 barbeque and P20 chicken and squid balls.  That leaves me fucking P18.

Money earned from a book sale should remain in the coffers of my book sale trade to “paikot” the puhunan.  But with the chronic crisis crippling the country because of bad economic policies and endless political bickerings among the bourgeois compradors and feudal landlords, I get to spend my hard earned P130 for fare and street food because I have no money in my pocket.  Shit.

We badly need a revolution.


Lost in the wide book yonder

Posted in books, booksale, used booksale by Shelf Life on September 23, 2009

Nakakaluga ang Manila International Book Fair 09! Putang ina ang daming libro! Just seeing millions and millions of books stockpiled in neat rows and creative presentations of different book dealers and publishers made my heart go fucking a fluttering, again.

The Adarna Publishing House booth brought me back when I tried storytelling for children. It was fun then seeing snotty-nosed children mesmerized by the story and hopefully not because of my fat face bouncing as I read to them the magical books. Andres and Ponso listened to the storyteller relate one of my all time favorites , the story of the gas guzzling, freak-out punk-assed Kas in “Ang Kaskaserong Bus.”

cat painterI also bought The Cat Painter by Becky Bravo for P50. A good P15 discount from the list price in bookstores. I first read the story when it was still in the drawing boards before the final printing as we tried reading it to our co-storytellers to check its impact and possible effect to the audience. It was hilarious seeing them laughing out loud as I read them the story.

At the UP Publishing booth, I curiously asked why a book I bought for P100ep in the past book fair is now worth P400. Even Jun Cruz Reyes’ “Etsa Pwera” is sold at its original price when I got it at a bargain price two years ago. The bookseller said ‘some’ people complained of the low prices pegged on such books. I agreed slowly nodding my head and holding my chin in the most intellectual looking pose I can think of .

As I try my best to do my poser act as an intuitive and intellectual book freak, Andres and Ponso was trying the mind boggling science exhibit of Diwa Publishing House. They have a machine that can make your hair stand using some magical science shit that remains a mystery to me.

Then as Andres tried his hand on the laser harp, Ponso is nowhere to be seen. So I relaxed, calmed my nerves and acted like everything was normal as I scanned the place for the smart-assed three year old running around the exhibit area. After five minutes, and just standing in front of the UST Publishing House booth where Thelma was chatting with the Thomasians, I heard a loud bawl emanating from somewhere between the Diwa Science booth and the religious OMF Literature. It was Ponso carried by a barong clad security officer! He cried for a good 3 minutes as the security man interviewed us to check the veracity of our claim that Ponso, the smart-assed punk boy, was indeed our son. After 3 minutes, he went back to his devil may care running on empty in the corridors.

I went home with a good P200 worth of postcards and bargain books. Two hundred pesos worth of postcards and bargain books! From a once a year International Book Fair! Pathetic. . .

Manila International Book Fair 09′

Posted in books, booksale, Uncategorized by Shelf Life on September 8, 2009

Adik ka ba sa libro? Tipong kahit brand new at sobra sobra ang halaga dahil bagong bago ito at parang wala pang nakakahawak kundi makina ay kaya mong bilhin at i-display sa bahay mo o sa opisina mo at tititigtitigan mo ang pabalat at minumuni kung kailangan mo ito babasahin?

Well, mapalad ka kaibigan! Manila International Book Fair 09′ na mula Sept 16-20, 2009 sa SMX, Mall of Asia. Dito malalanghap mo ang mga libro na mas bago pa sa mga libro sa National at Fully Booked! Tipong mainit-init pa!

Ngayon, kung gusto mo magkaroon ng libreng tiket para makapasok, hindutin lang ang link at i-print sa printer, at ilagay sa bulsa o bag, tapos iprisinta sa gate ng SMX sa mga takdang araw at, voila! Libre ka na!

At ang putang inang link eh ayaw mai-link dito sa lecheng wordpress na ito. Kaya puntahan na lang ang para makadugtong sa libreng tiket.