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roller coaster reading

Posted in book review, books, booksale by Shelf Life on December 9, 2009

Its been a roller coaster ride with my book reading for the past month as I balance my act doing different things trying to make myself look as busy as possible. But even the intention of looking busy falls short as I still enjoy just lying in bed and sleep after getting tired eating a fully loaded dinner.

 I always promise myself to remember things interesting with the previous two books that I’ve read but it all redounds to nada. I did laugh out loud with the parts when I am supposed to laugh and felt sad when the part of the stories demanded or begged for it. But I am stupid for not remembering memorable lines, or quotes. I envy those who can quote story lines and use it to stress a point or make their explanation more colorful and dramatic. Like when someone compares something to a moon, or something, or a sun, or wind, to that effect.

 Chump Change by David Eddie was realistically written creatively. It mostly covered  how a 30 something male slacker turned corporate then slacker again relates to the contemporary world.  The main character continued to struggle with him self with what life he really likes and what the world expects from him, a well educated, master degree holder slacker. I bought the book for P20. Yes, P20 and was planning to sell it for P40. But after reading it, it will be worth so much more than that price. Maybe P120 will do.

 Hard to find, easy to read, a guy lit, for one, and poignantly funny and heartwarming.

Villa Incognito by Tom Robbins is a freaking rolling on the floor laugh out loud book about Japanese fable characters and a story only Robbins can get away with. A sex-crazed Tanuki, or a badger, who served as a messenger of the gods, seduced and screwed humans that started a lineage that affected their world in a crazy way.

I learned from this book that  Tom Robbins is a south east asian fanatic enjoying the study of southeast asian culture and all the shit. That is crazy! Hope he writes something about the Philippines. That would be the bomb.